Okay, I have to confess that this is a little heads up I got from PC Week. If you're looking for a cheap, in fact, free way to share big moosey digital files, like graphics, video or music files, without gumming up e-mail; you might want to check out Tubes.com. Tubes offers a web-based application that allows you to share your digital files, or any other kind of file, with anyone on your personal network. It's all drag and drop, no uploading and it synchronizes automatically every time you connect to the internet.

In looking at the Tubes web site, it appears they are going for more of the home user crowd. But, it makes me dizzy to think how handy this would be for businesses. Imagine being able to put all your colleagues or clients on a specific project account and collaborate in real-time from various locations.

There are plenty of collaboration software solutions out there that perform a similar, if not more sophisticated, function. But Tubes is free, simple and perhaps a good introduction to collaborating online before committing to one of those other solutions.