So many companies forget to do this once in awhile: check your rankings in the search engines. And not just with Google, of course! You should be testing your site in all the popular search engines. It's an easy thing to spot check. Just make a short list of keywords and phrases that you think clients would use to find you and run them in the search engines. Note where your company ranks and start tracking those rankings over time. Are you moving up the list or down?

This is the new millineum, so of course there's a software solution for everything. There are a number of good search engine optimization aps out there for tracking where you rank, along with tools to tweek your site to help float it towards the top of the heap and submit to search engines that you haven't even thought of. Titles start around $150 - too many to mention here. I honestly don't have any favorites. When picking software, always read professional reviews from multiple sources. Note, I said professional. The anonymous reviews submitted to sites are often written by the marketing team of the software manufacturer (oops... was that my outside voice again).

I will offer this: It's an excellent source of mostly free information on search engine optimization. Seomoz was put together by 37 of the best and the brightest in search engine optimization. Make sure you check out their collective list of all the factors that have the biggest impact on site rankings. There's also a good primer on how to get started in search engine optimization for the rookie.

Are you spending the weekend preparing that PowerPoint for Monday?

I was recently reminded of this PowerPoint tip. It's an oldy, but a goody, and worthy of passing on one more time.

It's the 10/20/30 rule of PowerPoint. When preparing a presentation: it's no more than 10 slides, covered in no more than 20 minutes and never use a font smaller than 30 points. Anything more will make their eyes glaze over. So as you prepare to sacrifice your entire weekend working on that presentation, remember less is more. Maybe this means you can still have a Sunday afternoon, now.