Yes, you read that correctly! Hewlett-Packard has introduced a new line of high-end inkjet printers for the business market called Edgeline, only there's a catch: you can't buy one. Apparantly these multi-function printers crank out black and white prints at 60 pages a minute and color at 50 pages a minute.

What makes it all possible is a print head that runs the actual width of the paper that applies a coat of bonding agent just before the ink is applied. This makes for instantaneous drying and dramatically cuts down the amount of ink used on each copy. If you want to read more about the bells and whistles, I suggest turning to the blog of Michael Turner, HP Marketing Director of the Edgeline division.

Knowing that HP, like all printer manufacturers, makes its real money in replacement ink and toner cartridges, you have to ask; is this the Peter Principle in action?

Nope! Two words: service contract. You can only rent the printers. Maintenence contracts start at four year committments. Even so, Hewlett-Packard swears your company will still save 30% in total operating costs compared to the costs of other printers.