Good Morning, Bejiing! Big news today (tomorrow there already) out of the Intel Developer Forum, where Intel decided to unveil it's so-called Penryn chips. It's a new line of processors touted to run 40% faster than what's currently on the market.

These chips are designed to be mules when it comes to big moosey loads of data processing - like video and graphics. If you speak geek, here's a link to Intel's press release explaining all the Penryn's new bells and whistles.

Intel says it will have the new chips on the market later this year. As tempting as it sounds, you may want to hold off on upgrading. The Penryn chips won't just be fast in speed; their shelf life is going to go by quick too. Intel is also promising to launch it's even faster line of Nehalem chips just around the corner in 2008. The Nehalem chips are expected to run at double speed compared to today's processors. Can you say Moore's Law?