Welcome to the launch of our new blog, Business Bytes, one of 120,000 others that will launch today across the web according to Technorati's latest quarterly report State of the Blogosphere. No pressure on us INC Technology writers, but that translates to a new blog being born every 1.2 seconds.

Stat rat that I am, I can't resist pointing out an even more interesting nugget from that report. Can you guess the most popular language in the so-called blogosphere? Hint: it's not English. In fact, it's Japanese. 37% of all worldwide blog posts are in Japanese, with English trailing in the number two spot at 33%. Chinese comes in at 8% and another big surprise (at least for me), Italian has overtaken Spanish for the number four spot by a thin margin both claiming roughly a 3% sliver of the global blogging pie.

For blogging business owners trying to connect with global markets, you might want to consider a translation feature to your site. Here's a great little tutorial on how to do it, including the actual html code from either Alta Vista's Babelfish, Google Translate or World Lingo.