Here's some fun little tidbits to get you through the weekend. We'll get back to business on Monday.

Did Anyone see Lost this past week?

Those first iPhones aren't expected to go on sale before summer, but apparantly they already have them on that Island back in 2004. Maybe it's actually the future as some fans suspect. Here's a screen grab of the mystery phone cameo. See what you think!

And if you're a Titanic nerd like me...

The Titanic story has always fascinated me for so many reasons. It was such a terrible tragedy and it haunts the imagination the way so many people died that night in such a forsaken, desperate way. It's also a cautionary tale that continues to cast a shadow all the way to 2007, a reminder of what happens when the latest, greatest technology becomes a tool of arrogance - instead of just a tool.

For the first time ever, the actual handwritten passenger list from the Titanic is now available to the public - online no less. You can flip through it yourself at for free, although a login is requried.

If you need something more tangible to remember the Titanic by, for a mere starting price of $7800 you can buy a watch made from pieces of the actual ship - that's right salvaged pieces of the Titanic itself.

Extravagance, state-of-the-art, cutting edge... just remember, none of those things are synonyms for invulnerable. And therein lies the lesson of the Titanic.

A Map of The Internet

We all know Al Gore didn't invent it (some of us even realize Al Gore never actually said that). But does someone actually own the internet? Good question. Complicated answer. Enter Lumeta's Internet Mapping Project. Here's what they've come up with so far. This covers just the North American Internet. Pretty interesting stuff.

Have a great weekend!