25% of people in this survey waste 30% of their time online at work.

Wilfing has become an epidemic, although I would argue that
happened a while ago.

"Wilf" stands for "What Was I Looking For"

The net, used properly, makes people vastly more productive in just about
everything they do. Most knowledge workers - who need to be treated
like volunteers (because they are) don't respond well to intrusions like
CyberSitter or NetNanny.

What's a CEO to do? I'm not sure there's a technology solution to this one
really. I think it comes down to giving people specific measurable
achievable relevant goals with a time limit and rewarding them for
success on those goals. You still need to understand the per-project
costs of course, but trying to eliminate reasonable amounts of
"water-cooler time" is probably counter productive.

But with the Internet going interstellar, spacing out at work could take on a whole new meaning...

Curt Finch is the CEO of a time tracking company in Austin.