This comes courtesy Marketing Pilgram, who somehow got hold of leaked screen grabs from Google's new print ad service. The new service is currently in by-invitation-alone beta.

Google adwords, is of course, not new. Expanding the service to newspaper ads is. Roughly, how it works and when it works, it will allow businesses to buy ad space in just about any newspaper in the country through Google through a bidding process. You make an offer on say a quarter page ad in your local paper. Within 72 hours, the paper says yes or no and negotiations go from there. You can manage your ad buys, by setting up start and end dates when the ads will run, as well as by setting a weekly ad budget. The list of participating newspapers range from The Montgomery Advertiser to The New York Times. Once the ad runs, a thumbnail from the actual paper will show up in your cue.

Dell Notebooks Going Green

Dell Computers announced today it is rolling out three new notebooks that can be configured to meet the new Energy Star 4.0 requirements. The notebooks will be available sometime in July of this summer.

Web 2.0 101

I can't resist throwing this in today. I've been immersed in Web 2.0 technology lately and ran across this brilliant video thought piece put together by a Professor Michael Wesch out of Kansas State University. Wesch is an anthropology professor who specializes in digital ethnography. This is his take on Web 2.0... and us! Please take a look.