Cheers to tech! One by one, they seem to be getting it. Hardly a day goes by without another press release or two announcing new intiatives to go green. Today, two of the biggest names in not only high tech, but Corporate America, have made announcements to increase their efforts in reducing energy consumption.

Intel's new chips more energy efficient

Debuting its new palette of processors Centrino Pro and Centrino Duo, both primarily for notebooks, Intel is lauding its new lineup as not only faster but better at economizing energy consumption. Two of the reasons why: the use of integrated chip sets requires less juice to run than separate chips and the Intel Turbo Memory feature that makes it 20% faster to power up or power down a laptop.

Big Blue turning green

Yes, I know. IBM is not located in Silicon Valley. Don't get nitpicky on me. I couldn't resist the headline. Regardless, the folks in Purchase, NY at the IBM mothership have committed to investing one billion dollars a year in helping their clients reduce the energy consumption of their data centers by 50%. The company will be launching a portal site explaining the initiative for interested companies in the near future. I will offer a link, when it becomes available.

And props to mobile industry too...

One last green announcement today, this one from Nokia. We all do it, or rather don't do it - unplug our chargers when the battery is actually fully charged. Collectively, this is a huge energy waste. Nokia claims we could light up 85,000 homes if we did just this one small thing. Perhaps we'd all do a better job if we just got a little reminder each time. With that in mind, Nokia is committing to building in a little alarm system into future phones to do just that. The so-called unplug alerts will be available on the upcoming 1200, 1208 and 1650 models.