Ever wonder how your website stacks up against your competitors?

Ever wonder how your subsites are performing?

Alexa is a great tool for this. Here's an example. If you look at the bottom of
this page you can see that technology.inc.com gets about 1/20th of the traffic
of inc.com.

This is interesting data to those of us who write for both sites.

Here's a similar graph of my company's traffic compared to
some of our feeble competitors. (We laugh at them maniacally

Another great site for this is compete.com

The way these guys gather this data is by convincing you to install a toolbar
or similar technology into your browser and you become a ratings generator
sort of like having a box from AC Nielsen sitting on your TV,
except this one is built into your browser.

The difference is that Alexa and Compete's models are all software
and are installed by more people, don't cost much to generate data
and have to grade a million TV stations (websites) instead of 500.


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