After much anticipation and chatter, today's the first day you can actually get a Dell computer with the Linux-based operating system, Ubuntu 7.04. That is, starting at 4pm Central Standard Time (aka Austin, TX-time or Bevo-time).

I'm trying to avoid the temptation of riffing on the 4pm thing. I don't get it. Did the sales people have an off-site earlier in the day? Are Santa's elves still installing the software? Whatever!

There are three models offering the Ubuntu alternative, two desktops and a notebook. Starting prices range from $599 (for the low end desktop and the notebook) to $849 for the higher end desktop.

Dell attributes the marketing move to customer feedback on IdeaStorm, where Dell communes online with it's public. The consumer push for Linux on Dell was one of the first suggestions posted when IdeaStorm went live back in February.