Mea Culpa! Mea Culpa! Mea Culpa!

Okay, so I saw the headlines a few days ago that Google has overhauled it's personalized home pages. It's even be rechristened - iGoogle (citing some speculation in the blogosphere that the new name will surely put Apple on the warpath, or uh, iWarpath). I even thought about putting something about the relaunch on this blog. But, nah, this is more about personal use than business use.

Hmmm.. so this morning I started tinkering with the new feature. Two hours later, during the heart of my business day, I now realize this isn't personal - it really is business. As in lost business - lost productivity! It's bad enough that I'm self-employed and went down this rabbit hole (albeit fun and delightful). I can't imagine having a staff of people chewing up the clock playing around with this thing.

Oh my gosh! The features, feeds and widgets - all customizable I might add - are endless. I picked the tea house theme, set up a separate page of nothing but story feeds from technology blogs and news outlets, found a really cool clock widget, calculator and online radio for streaming directly from my homepage. The to-do list tool is pretty cool. Lessee, weather, a calendar, on and on and on. And all of it customized to match my teahouse palette of colors.

In the end, will this help me motor through my workday. Answer: somewhat. The to-do list, the story feeds and the three or four bookmarks that I use all day long to log into things like my publishing tool, e-mail, etc. - having that all in one place will be helpful. But the other 90% of what's on my iGoogle home page will mostly help me goldbrick further on a daily basis.

Perhaps Google should have renamed it iGoof off. Just a thought.