Who says Microsoft doesn't have a sense of humor...

This is why I love youtube and other similar sites. Microsoft recently hosted web designers and developers at its Mix '07 Conference in Las Vegas. And, it apparantly wasn't all ones and zeroes talk. Poking fun at Apple, Microsoft debuted a video spoof of a new bogus product called the oPhone. The video has found its way allover the web, including youtube and countless blogs. Check it out! It's the silliest thing to come out of Redmond since Microsoft Bob.

What to do with old PCs

Straight from the people-who-have-too-much-time-on-their-hands file, I give you this. This is what I call quality slacker time on the company clock. Note: this video has been viewed well over a million times and has nearly 4000 comments. Confirming what we already knew: slacking is contagious.

This has nothing to do with technology for small to midsize businesses...

But, it's the weekend and I'm posting it anyway. NASA really, really wants to go back to the moon. So much so, they have put out this suitable- for- Hollywood super slick trailer. Check this out! Yes, those are your tax dollars at work. Honestly, I don't mind. I kind of enjoyed it. Notice I took the high road and didn't make one joke about astronauts in diapers.

Have a great weekend! We'll get back to business on Monday. - Renee Oricchio