Heading to the Beach?

You probably don't need me to remind you to bring your sunscreen. But, it's not just you that needs protection. What about your iPod? Consider this, the iPod Outerbox. It'll keep all 20,000 songs safe from wind, water and sand. It will not, however, keep you from leaving it behind. Perhaps a honest soul will find it and call your phone number which you hopefully had engraved on the back when you bought it.

Strange, But True...

Whether it's valid or an urban myth, for years many have feared there's a link between cellphone radiation and infertility. Fret no more. For $24 a pair, you can protect the family jewels with Isabodywear's new line of underwear that fends off radiation with a built in silver lining (like those gloomy clouds that aren't so gloomy after all).

Have a great holiday! We'll get back to business tomorrow.

- Renee