of information every owner should have a copy of regarding the company web site.

1. The company hosting your site and the login and password to access the account (You would not believe how many companies hire a freelance web designer who sets up the whole thing and disappears into that good night with the only copy of such details.)
2. All the alternative domain names that the company has bought up to point to the site and all the due dates when they need to be renewed
3. A hard copy disc that includes files of all the logos, artwork, pictures, multimedia, graphics and copy on the site
4. The actual html code number for each color used in the company logo and any other branding graphic on the site
5. A copy of all agreements and account information with third party service providers (PayPal, eBay, Google AdSense, etc.)

Don't leave it to the techies to be the sole record keepers of what's going on with the online store front. IT people come and go.