FYI... The new Macbook Air will apparantly be hitting the shelves of Apple stores tomorrow.

As long as I am on the subject, Apple has done it again. Here we go with another piece of must-have tech bling from Cupertino (Apple's headquarters in Silicon Valley) that features a battery that can't be replaced by the user. Fry the battery and you have to send it to the mothership to be replaced. The same is true with iPods and iPhones.

It was silly with iPods. But with iPhones and now the Macbook Air, what are users who happen to be grownups with real jobs that rely on their handheld and/or laptop to conduct business supposed to do when their battery does a bellyflop?

p.s. Your iPhones come back with all the memory cleaned off, so make sure you back up everything before... oh yeah, impossible; BECAUSE THE PHONE IS DEAD!

And now if you need to back up your iPhone online, heaven help you if you have a battery issue going on with your Macbook Air.

Apple products are like Italian sports cars: sleek, beautiful, trendy, expensive, status symbols, etc.

And totally impractical when it comes to basic maintenence!