Every year Google gives me a present. Google likes me. It might be because I'm such a great guy, but more likely it's because my company, Journyx, spends hundreds of thousands of dollars advertising our timesheet software with Google Adwords.

One year they gave me a glowing cube clock radio thing. One year they gave me a beach towel with Google splashed across it. That was a really good towel. It's big, like me (I'm a lotta man - as they say). I don't know where the towel is now, that was many years ago.

Every year they give me something and it's normally pretty goofy. Aimed at geeks you know.

This year they gave us a 100 dollar gift certificate to DonorsChoose. I pushed it towards a school in a disadvantaged section of our city here (Austin, TX). The kids got something they needed (whiteboards) and sent a thank you note.

They were still using chalk before. Chalk sucks. Whiteboards are cool. Everybody knows that.

I think this is better than the towel.

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