Short answer: not really.

CES is the Comsumer Electronics Show being held in Las Vegas this week. For businesses, I suppose that key word "consumer" is a big clue why I think this is mostly non-news.

Notice I say mostly.

CES is a big week for tech companies. Everyone who is anyone in the geek set is announcing some sort of new release this week. Even Apple, not attending CES, had to jump in announcing it's latest version of MacPro. Last year, Apple's PR team pulled a similar trick dominating tech headlines with teasers about the upcoming release (then) of the iPhone.

If you're the sort that likes to know all about the latest and greatest technologies coming out, then CES coverage is for you. I recommend following blogs like Engadget and Gizmodo or CNet for endless roundups of tech tools and toys spotted on the floor of the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Here's why I send you on your way with a few words of caution:

- The big tech tradeshows, like CES, are when you see the industry's hype machine going full tilt. P.T. Barnum lives.

- I always advise small to midsize businesses to NOT buy new technologies the second they're released. Wait for the prices to go down. Wait for the bugs to get worked out and hold out for a more stable version.

- Think of trade shows as a preview of technologies to consider in six months to even a couple of years from now. Note: This is not what vendors want you to do.

- The economy is shaky right now. This is no time for bling.