I just love reading a good dust-up among bloggers (when I have time to waste).

Let me share:

Mike Moran from Biznology (implying he's more business-oriented than tech-oriented - don't be fooled. He's one of them.), has written a very indignant screed against Gene Marks latest article in Business Week taking a sobering look at some of tech's most sacred cows: Web 2.0 aps like RSS feeds, CRM software and anti-spam filters.

Marks poo-poo'ed allover 'em making the point that these technologies just might - gasp! - be an unnecessary case of over-technology for smaller businesses.

Moran from Biznology had a cyber hissy-fit and all his self-consciously hip hockey chair friends are lining up in the comments cue to back up his moral outrage at such geek heresy.

Duh-Doh! Come and get me, Mike. I'm with Gene on this one.

Don't get me wrong. I've been covering technology for 20 years now and lived in the heart of Silicon Valley during the giddiest days of the tech bubble - giddy myself at times.

But, I don't believe in using technology for technology's sake. It's a tool, folks. Especially, when it comes to a business on a budget (small to midsize companies, in other words). Technology is like any other business expense; it has to have a meaningful impact on the bottomline or making the business more efficient or it's silly, wasteful and irresponsible.

I applaud Gene Marks who, even though he sells CRM software himself, is honest enough and real enough to advise smaller businesses not to get caught up in the tech hype. Moran who not only disses Marks, but Business Week, for publishing the article, patronizingly upbraids one of the most popular, established national business magazines in the country and says he'd still do them the favor of writing for them anyway, if asked.

Don't wait underwater, Mike.

You have to be a real journalist to write for a real news magazine. A self-published blog read by all 214 people on your LinkedIn page is not real journalism; it's just another amateur soapbox on a very large Internet.

Have a good weekend, folks. We'll get back to the business of tech serving small to midsize businesses - and not the other way around- on Monday.

- Renee Oricchio