1. Tame your email. I have over 2000 emails in my inbox right now. I had about the same number a year ago and I feel quite certain I will again next January. Who's kidding who? It's a nice idea: purging out the old and coming up with a file folder system that is actually easy to stick too.

2. Backup your data more often. I won't even comment on this one. We all know better. We're all guilty of doing it on a regular basis.

3. Remember company email is not private. Despite the alternate hotmail account, text messaging and let us not forget the phone, still at some point you'll pass on an inappropriate joke email that would make your HR director's toes curl if she saw it. Or, you'll flame your spouse about something really private. Or, you'll discuss your secret job hunt with someone via company email.

4. Not buy into the hype of a new tech release. Last year, it was the iPhone, Vista, Mac OS X (Leopard), Blackberries, Office 2007, just to name several among many. This year will have its share, as well. Hint: several dozen people with no life camped out in lawn chairs at the Manhattan Apple store for three nights doesn't mean it's a product you can't live without either. When it comes to your business, technology is not a toy. It's a tool that needs to earn it's keep.

5. Keep current on new technologies. You'll make smarter business investments in your IT committments, find new ways to streamline the business and maybe even create new revenue streams. Then again, Sports Illustrated is more fun to read.