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Forget the Environment, Save Windows XP


If Microsoft's chairman, Steve Ballmer, had hair; it would definitely be rubbed backwards right now.

While the 'softies continue to spin their Vista sales figures (see Microsoft in Denial About Vista), many, many PC users out there are in a panic that Windows XP will be put out to pasture this June - no longer available for sale or bundled into PCs anywhere.

Windows XP's swan song has already been postponed once, by popular demand (in response to unpopular reaction to the newer Windows Vista that was released a year ago this month).

InfoWorld has started an online petition to forward to Microsoft begging for another stay of execution (perhaps until the next Windows O/S is released in two or three years).

So far, InfoWorld has about 12,000 signatures. Those that signed might be wiser to swamp Dell's IdeaStorm. InfoWorld is a magazine. When they approach Microsoft with a petition, they're approaching one of their advertisers. When Dell does it, they're being approached by one of their biggest distribution channels for their software. Who do you think they're more likely to listen to?

Last updated: Jan 16, 2008

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