Hey, it's still not as slick as the real thing. After all, Microsoft PowerPoint turned 20 last year. Google's "slideshow" application is less than a year old.

However, the little multimedia app that could has some new bells and whistles to brag about. I found this on Google's official Docs blog.

New features include:

- saving slideshow files as PDF files.
- which enables users to print off up to 12 slides per page.
- cookie cutter diagrams like thought balloons and arrows.

Hey, what do you want for free!

The Google Slideshow team says this is just the beginning. More new features to follow in 2008, including:

- Embedded publishing. Just hit publish and an assigned code pops up. Just send the code to anyone and it can be dropped into a blog or web site for online publication. Looking forward to that one.

- Drag and drop images. All you need is your slideshow open in one window and the Internet in another. Drag and drop any image from the web into your slide show. Cool!

- Rearranging slides. It sounds pretty user friendly to me. The slides line up film strip style and the user just drags and drops slides around in any order, plus deleting altogether.

I'll let you know as they are released.

Have a great weekend. We'll get back to business on Monday.

- Renee Oricchio