It would be...

Rose Bowl: Open Source versus Windows. (Windows by 21 points in the end, coming back from losing at the half)

Fiesta Bowl: Dell versus HP PC Sales 2008 (Tighter scoring game then last year's grudge match, but HP wins again by field goal)

Orange Bowl: Web 2.0 versus The hype of Web 2.0 (too close to call, only airs on Second Life, no TV rights sold on principle)

Sugar Bowl: Apple versus Microsoft (Microsoft by 36 points, although 90% of the fans in the stands wear black turtle necks in honor of Apple head couch, Steve Jobs. Windows Vista knocked out of the game in the first quarter, taken off the field in a gurney. iPhone wins MVP, even though its team loses.)

BCS Championship Bowl Game: Google versus Everyone Else. (Google by 63 points. Fans tune out at the half out of boredom and go check their gmail instead. P.S. Google is the sole corporate sponsor of the network broadcast and half time show.)