Okay, it's not just a playtoy anymore and I'm a big enough person to eat my own words.

Last summer when the iPhone made it's big debut, I cautioned the iPhone was a non-story for biz types. One of my primary reasons: IT departments would be resistent to integrate it with their email servers and networks.

Well, big news! IBM is expected to announce this weekend at its annual "Lotusphere" conference in Orlando that they are partnering up with Apple to run Lotus Notes on the iPhone.


There are something like 135 million Lotus Note users worldwide. Here's the AP story breaking the news.

But wait there's more...

Apple Insider is reporting (thought admittedly unconfirmed) AT&T plans to announce on Monday that it will start allowing iPhones to go under corporate accounts.

I'm guessing there are a lot of long faces at RIM (the folks who make Blackberries).

I guess it's safe to say Steve Jobs won't be running out of black turtlenecks anytime soon.

Have a great weekend. We'll get back to business on Monday.

- Renee Oricchio