If you want to make your business more of a labor of love; here's my list of five technologies you can invest in to make your work days more blissful (hopefully freeing up more evenings for time with your honey).

1. Go wireless. Get rid of all that CAT 5 cable around the office. Give yourself and your employees the ability to move around and connect more with each other without walking away from their connectivity.

2. Pick out a suite of Web 2.0 tools, whether its Zoho, Google Docs & Spreadsheets or something higher end like IBM's Lotus Web 2.0 software and get serious about online team collaboration.

3. Backup your data offsite; just in case.

4. Invest in a software dashboard to monitor the business's mission critical data in real-time; that way you can respond in real time in no time.

5. Talk to my buddy Curt Finch, our other regular contributor on this blog, about time management software. Saving time not only saves money; it also prevents headaches and keeps marriages together.