This winter hosted two big showdowns. The New York Giants beat the Pats at the Superbowl and Sony's Blu-ray DVD format KO'd Toshiba's HD DVD format. I'm a Cowboys fan, so I really have nothing to add to any lingering post mortems about the Superbowl.

But this Blu-ray thing....

Now that it appears Blu-ray is a safe bet, PC makers are fast-tracking efforts to get notebooks out featuring Blu-ray DVD drives.

Here's why businesses should run the other direction, for now:

Apparantly, the Blu-ray drives suck up a lot of battery life. I've been reading up on this one. Numerous industry analysts warn the average laptop battery will likely give out about an hour before the credits.

For now, it's likely to take higher end laptops to support all the computing power required to run Blu-ray discs; although Dell is reportedly rushing a sub-$1000 notebook with a Blu-ray drive as early as next month.

If it takes that much horse power to run it off battery, I would advise thinking twice about buying it bundled into your next desktop, as well. Think of your utility bills.

And, of course, there's the obvious consideration: what can Blu-ray do for your business? Unless you are showing a slick, snazzy corporate video for a very important presentation, I don't see any business value.

Skip this one for now.