The high tech age has been brutal with the low tech age.

Try finding a typewriter these days. But, how many times have you wished you had one laying around the office to address that one envelope?

Low tech has a new addition to the extinction list: Polaroid cameras. Instant pictures are no more. Polaroid is closing the last of its factories that make both cameras and film.

The photo quality wasn't exactly suitable for framing and heaven help you if you if pulled the tab back prematurely. It was what can only be described as an unholy mess of gloppy chemicals as toxic as new toys from China (couldn't resist getting that one in).

Still, Polaroid instant snaps were handy in a million ways and for professionals of all walks of life - from insurance adjusters to school teachers.

Digital cameras and cell phone cameras have made Polaroid instant cameras obsolete. But, I argue perhaps a little too soon. Yes, you can take a picture on a dime with the former. But, you're still going to get a hard copy later. You still have to transfer the file into a PC or a digital photo-friendly printer to shoot off paper prints.

I guess HP will be putting a rush on ramping up that market for portable printers that attach to handhelds. Until then, I'll miss the gooey, grainy instant gratification of Polaroid.