I got a great little tip this week from my friend, Reuben Swartz, President of Mimiran based in Austin, TX.

Reuben's company develops and sells pricing analytics software and has actually just recently released a new version, in partnership with Salesforce.com, priced for smaller businesses. Poor pricing strategy (or no pricing strategy) has been the death knell for many a new business. Pricing analytics is much more effective than throwing darts in the dark. (There's your plug, Reuben).

As for the tip; just about every business on the planet is feeling the pinch of high fuel costs these days. However, fewer actually have the confidence to tack on a fuel surcharge or raise their prices to compensate for the added expense. Reuben advises companies otherwise. He says companies are more understanding about price increases when there's a tangible reason everyone can relate to like the price of fuel. And, he adds you'd probably be surprised how surprised your customers are that you haven't done it already.

Good tip!