... to make life easier when go back to work on Monday.

1. Make a "to do" list of top priorities for Monday morning and leave them taped to your desk. Then you don't have to spend the whole weekend trying to remember or angst over it.

2. Button up last e-mails of the week. Create a "Monday" folder for the e-mails you want to deal with first then. Send out an e-mail to your colleagues giving them a deadline today for last minute e-mails and calls; after that all bets are off until Monday.

3. Set up next week's meetings today. Don't wait until Monday.

4. Look at next week's calendar and tweak your committments now, so they are manageable next week.

5. De-clutter your PC. Kill out as many e-mails, files, etc. off your computer. This should not be a quarterly event. Make it weekly. Today!

Have a good weekend. We'll get back to business on Monday.

- Renee Oricchio