Watching Blackberry and iPhone duke it out is the new black. Windows vs. Mac is soooo five minutes ago.

Ding Ding! Here they are coming out of their corners again.

RIM will soon be launching the latest version of the Blackberry Pearl. Updates include more muscle in the camera (2 megapixels) and Wi-Fi, although in 802.11b or "g"; not "n". Check out the specs and a picture of it yourself here.

Meanwhile, it's not often that Apple product secrets see the light of the day. But apparantly an Apple store in Switzerland let the cat out of the bag that the iPhone will soon have 802.11n support from an updated version of Airport Express. I'd give you a link to the site, but the information has already been removed (quicker than you can punch in an international phone number from Cupertino, CA) and it wasn't in English anyway.

Here's more about it from Alice Hill's Real Tech News blog. She has pictures of the product cached before it was taken down.