I am a human mashup of two traits; I'm a data nerd and I love visuals.

The treemap was made for me.

In English, a treemap is a rectangular display of various items in relation to each other by a certain benchmark and determined by size.

Huh? Okay, just look at one and you'll see what I mean.

C/Net, for example, uses a treemap to visually show the stories that are getting the most traffic of the day.

Here's another really cool one from Juice with unique visitor stats last Fall supplied by ComScore.

This treemap shows which web sites dominated certain categories (like retail sites, portal sites, etc.) and the change up or down in unique visitors. You can get more information by rolling over with your mouse or clicking on a block to drill down further. I could play with it for hours.

Well, more like several minutes.

It's worth a look see and taking a few more minutes to ponder how this app could be used on your company web site.