Businesses that use Adwords live and die by their "quality score". Google has announced that starting this month they will be adding a new benchmark that determines the quality score of your ad; how fast does it load to its "landing page".

The slower the load, the lower the quality score. The lower the score, the higher the minimum bid.

Here's Google's read-thru on the policy.

If you want a little help analyzing and/or speeding up your load time, here's a nifty little tool
(that Google actually recommends, even though its offered on the Yahoo! Developer's site). It's called YSlow, a firefox extension.

Get ready for The White Album, uh White Download.

I can't help but think of the Tommy Lee Jones' line from "Men in Black". He and Will Smith are in this lab looking at all the futuristic tech and spy toys at MIB HQ and looking at a mini-disc. WIll Smith asks, "What does it mean?" Tommy Lee Jones sighs and says, "It's means I'll have to buy The White Album again.

Tommy Lee you may finally be able to download it off iTunes soon.

Reports of a possible deal between Sir Paul and Sir Steve are running rampant. The Beatles have not been on iTunes previously as a result of age old fall-out from a copyright battle over who owns the Apple as a company logo.

This time it sounds like the rumors of a deal may have legs, originating in The Guardian over the weekend (read that: reported by a real newspaper and not a blogger pretending to be a news outlet).

Stay tuned... our younger generation could use a big dose of "All you need is love", as opposed to all you have is rap.