This is how ridiculous Microsoft products have become. I made the mistake of upgrading (I use the term loosely) my Internet Explorer browser recently. Boy, do I regret it. I can't get into my own domain host account to update my professional web site.

How ridiculous!

My browser gives me a pop up that it's a site without a security certificate and won't allow me access. No clicks to over ride it. I'm just out. This has happened to me on a few other sites. The pop up explains a site with a proper security certificate would have an url that starts with a https, rather than just http.

I can get into the front page of my hosting company's site (which only has a http), I just can't log into my account to update my web site. I'm currently using a blogging tool to write this post that only starts with "http" and, obviously, it's working. In other words, no consistency.

I still use Windows XP. But, I know I will soon be facing more obstacles at upgrading various applications better optimized for Vista. I refuse to go there.

Memo to Microsoft: your "fort knox" approach to computing and using the Internet is driving me straight into the arms of Firefox and buying a Mac.

I'm not alone.