It's like a curse. What happened? Did the Vista team open the wrong Pharaoh's tomb and doom themselves to humiliation and disaster at every turn. They can't even get the long-awaited service pack right!

You may recall SP1 (one being an ironic number, considering the number of false starts to get it out to users) was released and then suspended back in February, after too many customers complained one of the included updates kept their PCs from rebooting. Back to the drawing board, as they say.

Now, it is March and the fully intact SP1 is due out in just a couple of weeks and guess what? It won't be fully intact.

It's fine, if you only need the English, German, Spanish, Japanese or French language packs (I admit, I'm covered). However, if you do business globally or you happen to be reading this from your home on the Baltic. Bad news: the other 31 language packs won't be ready until, uh, until...

Well, Mircrosoft isn't so sure. Best guess: sometime later this year.

Sometime later this year in the technnology world is sort of like "the check's in the mail" or "we'll always be friends".

The Vista team gently says SP1 will be coming out in two waves. If Tagalog is your first language, don't wait under water.