For those of you that read yesterday's posting (whine-fest) of my trials setting up a new Internet connection in my new home office; don't think that was the end of it.

I just spent a week back in 1994; the last year I wasn't online with e-mail access and the ability to surf my heart out.

It wasn't pretty. I don't miss 1994.

- I don't miss calling 411 to get a phone number or, perish the thought, looking up a number in a big, bulky phone book.

- I don't miss having to wait through 20 minutes of local news to get the five day forecast.

- I don't miss having to dig through my trash can under the coffee grinds for the local paper to check out movie times.

- I don't miss having to use the phone everytime I need to get a quick answer or pass on a quick word to a colleague.

- I don't miss wanting to reach for a quick fact and having to call a library or flip through a reference book on my shelf. God Bless Google and Yahoo!.

- I don't miss calling and asking for directions (that may or may not be good), instead of printing off a Mapquest.

- I don't miss flying blind using a new business without checking out their web site first.

I don't miss pre-1995.

This week is Turn off your Television week. I second that emotion. But please don't ask me to turn off my Internet connection.