My company sells employee time and expense tracking software. It is an application that turns your machine into a web timesheet server and you can install it for free in about 5 minutes. If you're small enough you can run your company on it forever for nothing.

You can also run it on our servers via the SaaS model, but for those that install it on their own machines, the majority are either running Linux or Windows.

We have a lower price if you're running Linux. Know why? Our support costs are lower.
Linux machines just seem to be far less likely to get a virus or a worm or an OS change
automatically pushed down from Microsoft which hoses your computer.

I have theories about why this is so but really it just seems like a problem Microsoft would
have solved by now. You'll notice that Symantec doesn't have a whole bunch of revenue from
Linux software. But they've got loads from people running Windows.

After a couple of decades of observing this problem recur, I still confused.

How hard can it be to fix this, really?