Worried about the recession driving down your online sales? This might be a way to not only ride the recession, but actually grow your customer base.

A new survey put out by the marketing research group Information & Communication (ICOM) shows 67% of consumers polled say they plan to use more coupons during the recession. 58% say they are particularly interested in paperless coupons (i.e. online coupons).

These are pretty dramatic results when you consider coupon redemption has dipped below a 1% redemption rate over the past 10 years. Nothing like oil going past $100 a barrel to get folks rethinking coupons again.

If you've been reading my postings over the past week, you'll notice I've been writing a bit about using text messaging as an additional marketing channel to reach customers. Sending coupons via text is quickly becoming very popular, especially businesses trying to reach the under-35 crowd.

While offering coupons through mobile devices may split between the generations, there isn't one when it comes to income.

Whether it's via email, snail mail, web ads, text message or carrier pigeon, 68% who make less than $50,000 a year responded favorably to using coupons more than they have in the past. 67% who make more than $50,000 also give coupons a big thumbs up.

Moral to the story: you're never to rich to want to save a buck or too rich to feel invulnerable to a shaky economy.