It's just a rumor folks. So, take it with a grain of salt. But, I can't let this one pass by without comment. Apparantly, the 'softies in Redmond are thinking about opening bricks and mortar Microsoft stores.

If true, this is clearly inspired by Apple's success with store front sales. Problem: iPhones and iPods are cool bling that everyone wants. Zune is another story.

Microsoft would be wise to think about those Gateway stores, instead.

I can't imagine going into a store to get all hot and bothered about Vista demos or buying Office '07 off the shelf for a scrillion dollars.

Nor can I imagine teen geeks camping out for Halo 4 alongside IT managers waiting for the new version of Sharepoint.

If true, I pity the $8 a hour employee working the customer service window (When's the last installment of the service pack for Vista coming out, again?).