The great thing about wi-fi is that you're not only no longer tethered to a desk; you're no longer tethered to the inside of the office itself.

Memo to bosses: it's spring! Your employees are distracted, but in a good mood sort of way. Instead of dreading the seasonal slacking and deluge of impromptu "mental health" days that seem to coincide on those first days when temps climb above 65 degrees; realize spring fever is an opportunity for the business.

This is the time of year when your employees are likely feeling their most creative, inspired by good moods and good weather.

Channel that dreaminess into brainstorming sessions. Conduct them outside.

Declare a "Laptops on the Lawn" day. Supply the beach towels and snacks and park a whiteboard under a shade tree. You'll be amazed at what comes out of a change of scenery.

Create an outdoor wi-fi hotspot with some picnic tables and use it as an additional "conference room" for meetings.

An ongoing stresser in the average office is the constant assault of all the white noise. Flourescent lights, loud copiers, ringing phones, humming desktops with their little fans kicking on and off throughout the day to cool off the hard drive; it all adds up. Finding a way to let the troops work outside may sound like a recipe for goofing off, but you're likely to see greater productivity by sending them out onto the grounds where its peaceful and quiet.

No patch of grass on your office property, no problem. Stake out a local nearby park. Do whatever you must to create working al fresco opprortunities. I promise morale will go up, while those mental health days will go down.