Amazon has launched a new way to impulse shop; just send a text message. Want a Blu-Ray copy of "I am Legend" or the latest James Patterson novel? No problem, just send a text message from your cell with the name of the product (or ISBN number, if its a book) to "Amazon" (262966).

Amazon will send you a couple of choices by price. Hit one or two to make your selection. Amazon then has an automated voice system that calls you immediately to complete the transaction.

Just last week, I wrote about what I call "Generation Text" (you heard it hear first, folks). 72% of the world's consumers that respond to text advertisements are under the age of 35. If they're responding to ads, think what they'll do with the shopping option.

Small companies, like, are popping up allover the Internet catering to small to midsize companies that want to market via SMS (text messaging).

Many companies, especially local businesses, retailers and even radio stations, are experimenting with sending enticements like coupons, promotionals and contest teasers via text to engage their base. It does seem like a short walk to skip the preliminaries and go straight for the sale.

This won't hit critical mass for awhile, but it may be time to start thinking about this new sales channel and how your business can generate new customers and revenue streams from it.

As for bricks and mortar stores, imagine the dent in sales its going to make as customers cruise the aisles and comparison shop with Amazon via cell phone. Ouch!