If you Google "browser war", no less than 1.25 million (MILLION!) results come back.

The names and players change (RIP Netscape!), but the debate rages on; which browser is the best? It's like dog and cat people. Dog people passionately believe their pets are superior. Cat people beg differently. The truth is both are cute and furry and you can't lose with either.

These days, the debate is over. Primarily its Internet Explorer versus Mac's new OS X (Leopard) versus Mozilla's Firefox.".

Speaking as a user, why do I have to choose?

Truth be told, I use both Internet Explorer and Firefox. When I added Firefox, I thought I was jumping ship from Explorer and would end up using Firefox exclusively. It didn't happen and it's not going to happen.

Both have features I like... and dislike.

I like Firefox for quick and dirty surfing. It loads fast and there's more real estate on my screen for the web sites, because the tool bar at the top is minimal.

IE 7 blocks me arbitrarily from certain sites with a pop up window their security certificate has expired. I've yet to find the over ride button on that one. It's still a free country on Firefox.

I also like the add-on themes with Firefox. I now have a University of Texas tool bar across the top.

Sometimes, however, I miss all those buttons at the top of Explorer. I know where the print and spelling and history buttons are and I use them frequently. I like the familiarity.

Depending on what I'm doing online, I choose my browser based on which one fits my needs the best.

Make love, not war, I say. p.s. it's okay to be a dog AND cat person, too.