Business culture has come a long way in ten years. First working from home was impractical, if not impossible. Then it was a perkf for an elite few at the top of the corporate food chain. Then it was a treat tolerated by the rare boss and frowned upon by most others.

Now, it's a way of life and common as dirt. Most bosses get it. Somedays people just need to not be in the office while they work once in awhile.

- Increasingly the line has blurred between work time and off time. Just as many e-mails go out at 10:30 pm as 10:30am.
- Gas costs $3.50 a gallon and commuters are getting killed financially. I can't tell you how many people I know that are paying more for gas each month than for their car payment.
- There are very few jobs that can't be performed remotely with an internet connection and secure line.

All that being said; since working from home has become so commonplace, perhaps its time to consider not working from home.

Home can be a tough place to focus and get things done. Homes are messy and come with loads of distractions and temptations to multi-task (like running a load of towels while you work, squeezing in a couple of errands around town, etc.).

My advice; have a couple of go-to spots close to home where you can camp out and really focus on getting your work done. Stake out a Wi-Fi spot at your nearest Starbucks or Borders. Try a hotel lobby, a local university or library.

Sometimes home can be a little too quiet for working. It helps to find a public spot that is subdued enough to get work done, but still has the energy of people coming and going. Exchanging a few pleasantries with the barista can be just enough human interaction to stave off those feelings of isolation.

Working outside the home in a public spot forces you to get out of your pajamas and take a shower. It infuses discipline and makes you feel like a human being and a professional.

Just a thought.