Browsers are obviously on my mind this week, given yesterday's posting "Two Browsers Are Better Than One,"

There's much obsessing about browsers which become increasingly irrelevant as Web 2.0 (blogs, social networks, wikis, web-based applicaitons, etc) continues to emerge.

Here are five things a business owner or web master should consider about browsers today versus even five years ago..

1. There are more solid alternatives to Internet Explorer emerging and lots of people are turing to them. Look at your web site with as many diferent types of browsers as possible. The colors of your company logo will look slightly different on each one. What widgets work best on which browsers?
2. It's not just web browsers anymore. People are surfing via mobile device these days. Have you ever looked at your company web site on a Nokia. Is it time to get an alternative site optimized for browsers on smart phones, etc.
3. Which browsers are your customers using to view and/or shop at your site? Cater to them accordingly.
4. Experiment with new browsers. See what you think. You can always uninstall the ones you can't stand.
5. Recommend the browser that is best optimized for your site; on your site! Also, reassure your web visitors they can still use any browser on your web site.