Check out KinetiCast. KinetiCast has a slick little easy-to-use tool to put together online presentations, send them out by e-mail and then track feedback.

It's a rich tool that allows users to incorporate files, streaming video, power point slides, graphics and text, of course. I signed up for the free 15 day trial offer (no credit card required, just contact information).

I can imagine KinetiCast being used in a variety of ways. It would be a great way to send out online presentations to a team of colleagues that you need to work with collaboratively online. It would also work with clients.

I went to the example page showing various presentations and how different businesses are using KinetiCast. I was particularly intrigued with the real estate example. In this market, real estate agents need every marketing tool they can get their hands on to actually make a sell. Buyers love looking at properties online. This takes it to the next step; the ability to send multimedia listings to prospects. See what this Century 21 agent is doing with KinetiCast.

All that being said, here's some areas that need work.

- It takes too long to upload files. I tried to upload a powerpoint file and after a several minutes, canceled the upload.
- I don't like the fact that the user has to click on the "next arrow button" at the bottom, rather than timing it to change screens on its own.

Pricing packages start at $10 a month and ranges up to $60 a month.

KinetiCast is a little start-up company based in New York state. Let's see who buys it up a year from now.