For those of you that read this blog on a regular basis (Hi Mom!), you know I rant and whine on a regular basis about e-mail and how we all struggle to manage it.

I caught wind of a new plug-in this week that's in beta that has given me hope. Check out (that's inbox backwards). Xobni has a plug-in you can download for free that works with Outlook that will definitely improve your outlook on e-mail.

I love it because..

- It tags keywords in all my saved e-mails (about 2000+, I confess) and has a search engine so I can pull up all my past e-mails on, say, this blog.
- It has a profile of everyone I e-mail. I can scroll through every e-mail they've ever sent me that I still have or I can scroll through every attachment they've ever sent that I haven't deleted. This is one of my favorite features. I am forever going back trying to find attachments from three months ago and it's a pain.
- Geeky stuff that is just fun information to have; it ranks all my contacts according to the frequency we e-mail each other. There are analytics to show me times of day we correspond most often. Crazy data!

Xobni is trying to mash e-mail with social networking. So far, this is in beta. It's worth taking a look see. For what it's worth, I've been playing with it all week and have shared it with a half dozen friends and colleagues. They all thought it was cool and downloaded too.

The bad news; so far, it only works with Outlook. But the Xobni folks say they plan to expand it to other popular e-mail clients like Thunderbird.

stay tuned...