The proposed Microsoft/Yahoo! deal is starting to feel like an umpteeth sequel to Friday the 13th. Jason just won't die and, apparantly, neither will Microsoft's efforts to get its hands on Yahoo!.

Jerry Yang may have to put out a restraining order (those never work, however).

You may recall a couple of weeks ago that after three months of haggling (read that: three months of Yahoo! saying "no".), Microsoft finally gave up and announced it would not sully itself with a hostile takeover attempt to buy up Yahoo!

45 billion dollars and no place to spend it! What's a meglo-ware, multi-national company to do with such mad money laying around the office. You can only buy the staffers so many free soft drinks and foos ball tables.

So, the pursuit of the deal is on again; sort of.

Check out this "what are they saying?" press release from the 'softies over the weekend.

As best I can tell from reading the lines and in between the lines;

- Microsoft doesn't plan on trying to buy all of Yahoo!
- They do hope to buy part of Yahoo!

Can you say advertising?