DWI as in "Driving While Intoxicated"; we all know that one (and hopefully don't do it).

Could DWT, "Driving While Texting", be the next thing to make those MADD moms even madder (new chapter; MATD?).

All this is leading up to yet another study. According to a new survey, just under 30% of all mobile users text while they drive. Yipes!

Other findings in the study; those that 'fessed up apparantly know better. Some 78% of those surveyed believe driving and texting at the same time should be illegal. 85% say they would stop doing it if it were illegal (Why use common sense now? Just wait for a law to be passed!)

Now all that being said, this is one of those dubious studies that makes me wonder.

It was put out by Vlingo, a software company that specializes in voice recognition applications for mobile devices.

Let me write that one more time...

voice recognition applications for mobile devices

Self-serving perhaps? I always wonder what companies like this would do if the results didn't go their way. I'm guessing we'll never find out.

Regardless, I can't disagree with the spirit of the survey's findings. I would rather take my chances in oncoming traffic against a driver who's just had two beers at the local bar, rather than someone texting they're on their way to the bar.