1. More working from home. If you allow all your employees to work-from-home one day a week, you're cutting their gas bill for commuting by 20%. That's the same as dropping the price of gas from $4 a gallon to $3.20 a gallon (for commuting miles, at least). This is a raise they don't have to pay taxes on; you either!

2. IT access from anywhere. I've been talking to companies like Bomgar, who sell remote access equipment for an upcoming story. Bottomline: if your IT staffer or consultant can get into any piece of gear on the network from anywhere, everyone saves on gas to deliver IT help to the source.

3. Bench the road warriors. Save on gas commuting back and forth to airports to fly on rising fares driven by rising fuel costs. Have the traveling team work remotely, use more online collaborative software like Wikis or Zoho to connect with faraway team members or clients, and trade in web conferencing for face time.

What will you do when it goes to $5 a gallon? Start forming a plan now.