Don't try telling Microsoft that! Just announced today; Microsoft has inked a deal with Hewlett-Packard to bundle in Microsoft Live as the default search engine in all of its computers starting early next year. More importantly, it will also come with the so-called and much ballyhooed Silverlight toolbar.

There goes Microsoft ingratiating itself on PC buyers; again!

While more consumers are demanding their new computers arrive sans bloatware, perhaps with an alternative Linux-based operating system or at the very least; good ole Windows XP (keep your Vista, thank you very much!); Microsoft continues it's favorite form of marketing.


And the 'Softies wonder why consumers are revolting against their products and demanding other options from PC makers.

Technology today is all about choice. The more choices the better and they are to be made at the individual users level, not around the c-level in Redmond, WA.