So, as I pledged earlier this week, I waited until Mozilla got past it's 24 hour download-athon (didn't want to become part of the story).

By the way, here's the story; the new Firefox 3 open source web browser was downloaded more than 12 million times this week (8 million of those downloads happened within the first 24 hours of its release).

I'm impressed!

I'm also impressed with Firefox 3. I like it. It loads really fast and has a number of really cool new add-ons. I pounced on the new bookmarking organizational tools (I'm always in a world of hurt on that front).

My favorite add-on, however, so far is "ClipMarks". ClipMark comes with a green paperclip button on the browser. You click on it to activate it and it then allows you to mouse around web pages highlighting content areas in orange boxes. Click on an orange box and you then have the option to save it (rather than bookmarking a whole site or saving a web page), e-mail it, put it directly on your blog or best of all; print it. I love that; only printing specific parts of web pages and not trying to print the whole thing wasting color ink on ads and logos.

My only word of caution; apparantly there are some 15,000 new features. It would be easy to get lost in all the new bells and whistles offered and over-bling your browser. Pick wisely.